About Us

Winner Water Services provides environmentally sound and technologically advanced solutions to solve water challenges for power, mining and manufacturing, oil, and gas industries. We design effective, tailored water solutions. That means we’re not just another water treatment company—we’re problem solvers, finding novel approaches to industry challenges.

We offer a combination of deep industry experience, scientific knowledge and proprietary technology that is unmatched in the industry. Our solutions employ Battelle HydroFlex™ technology to deliver the most cost effective, sustainable water management solutions available today.

Our Key Staff

Todd Beers

Todd Beers, Chief Operating Officer. Todd brings more than 15 years of professional experience in the environmental and water industries. He has worked in all phases of water development from sampling and assessments to permit preparation and disposal. Specific program expertise includes NPDES, Chapters 93 and 95, as well as Chapter 78—the Oil and Gas Act. Todd worked for Pennsylvania regulatory agencies as a watershed specialist and for several private firms. His expertise provides our clients invaluable assistance with permitting and related technical and regulatory challenges.


Technical Advisory Team

David Dreisinger

David Dreisinger completed his B.A.Sc. and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston. Since 1984, David has worked at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Since 1992, David has held the position of Chair, Industrial Research Chair in Hydrometallurgy (18 current sponsors). Technical short courses are offered annually to sponsors. David has delivered, with co-workers, over 300 industry-based courses on a wide range of hydrometallurgy topics. David has researched widely with students and coworkers, and together has published over 250 papers and been granted 19 U.S. patents.

David has worked closely with industries to commercialize technology. Developments in copper include the Mount Gordon Process, the Sepon Copper Process and the Boleo Process. David is currently working on commercialization of the PLATSOL Process for base and precious metals, the SALT process for nickel recovery from laterites and the Search Minerals Rare Earth Extraction Process.

David has been very active in support of professional society affairs (CIM, TMS, SME) and especially involved in the organization of technical conferences. David has edited or co-edited 10 conference volumes. David has received a number of professional awards including the Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award (METSOC), the EPD Science Award (TMS) and the INCO Medal (CIM). David is a Fellow of CIM and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. David is the 2015 Winner of the Wadsworth E. Wadsworth Award from the SME.

Gary Kordosky

Gary Kordosky has an M.S. in Organic Chemistry (1967) and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry (1971) from The Ohio State University. While doing his graduate work, he lectured freshman Chemistry at Ohio State and he also taught two years at Ohio Wesleyan University for faculty members on leave. In 1974, Gary joined the Mining Chemicals Devision of General Mills Chemicals at its Tucson development and applications laboratory.

Gary has more than 40 years of experience in various aspects of solvent extraction, including 16 years in the laboraotyr where he was responsible for reagent specifications, reagent development, reagent evaluations, laboratory management, process development and technical service. He also had responsibilities in technical sales and marketing in Africa, Australia, South American and Asia.

Gary is an inventor on 18 U.S. patents related to metal recovery by solvent extraction and has authored-co-authored more than 40 papers related to solvent extraction/metal recovery. He is the recipient of the 1989 Fritz Henkel Innovation Award, the 2007 Cognis Innovation Award and the 2013 Milton Wadsworth Award from the SME.

He has presented the copper solvent extraction portion of the SME Heap Leaching Short Course for 14 years and has presented at other short courses including ISEC 2008, Uranium 2010 and ISEC 2011. Hea has also served on the Editorial Board of "Hydrometallurgy," and is a member of the International Solvent Extraction Committee.

He has directed and/or participated in numerous pilot plant studies and also participated in solvent extraction plant start-ups in the United States, South America, Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Russell K. Smith

Russell K. Smith, PE is a highly experienced chemical process engineer with experience ranging from unit operations design to leading integrated process designs for full-scale processes. Russell has worked or consulted on include water purification, wastewater treatment, polymer production, paper manufacturing and recovery of by-products, water and wastewater treatment, chemical demilitarization and chemical defense, air pollution control, industrial ventilation, bioenergy production, fuel production, hydrogenation, and distillation for refining. Russell has demonstrated expertise in process scale-up, system design, numerous unit operations, process inorganic and organic chemistry, environmental management, design of experiments at both laboratory and pilot scale, and laboratory testing for both scale-up and technical risk reduction related to process design.

Russell's experience with advanced processes for water treatment include liquid extraction, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation, flotation, coalescing, clarification, and cetrifugation. He has evaluated convetional wastewater treatment, and has scaled down to laboratory scale sequenced batch and immobilized bed biological treatment to produce toxicology samples and to solve problems at the full-scale.